In Each Of The Following Sentence Supply A Verb In Agreement With Its Subject


either… or, and not either… Nor are they used with singular verbs. Group members such as the jury, committee and team are followed by plural verbs when the group is perceived as a collection of individuals doing their things. 3. The committee is undecided. There was no agreement among the members. (est, are) Fill the spaces in each of the following sentences with the correct word of the selection in brackets. 1. The captain, along with his other players, is fully committed. (est, are) Some words are misused in the following sentences.

Write down the wrong words and the right option for each of the following sentences. Do not change if the sentence is correct. In each of the following sentences is delivered a verb that agrees with its theme. Each is followed by a plural pronoun and a singular adverb. c) The minister, with his wife, cordially pressed the press. (a) Erica is the only student to have expressed the potential described in the annual report book. . 5. Neither my brother nor my sisters were present at the meeting. 5. Neither Oxford nor Cambridge – far from London. (est, are) 4.

Every man and woman who was present in the party enjoyed . . 4. My limited means do not allow me to be extravagant. . (b) Not only the players, but also their coach – have been appointed to the dean. (d) All cassettes, including those scratched, in this drawer. .

(e) A large number of voters still along straight lines. . . . 4. Either James or Dan (is/are) responsible. . . .

3. Either John or Peter is at the top of the list of successful candidates.