Stock Appreciation Rights Agreement


CONSIDERING that the granting of rights to exploit shares to the holder of the rights has been duly approved by decision of the Organising and Remuneration Committee (“Committee”) of the Board of Directors or, where applicable, of the Board of Directors (“Board of Directors”) of the undertaking with effect from __ Holding capital gains rights is not the same as holding shares. Employees do not receive private equity if you assign capital gains rights. 7. Rights as a shareholder. The employee has no rights as a shareholder with respect to SAR shares covered by SARs granted up to the date of acquisition of such sar shares by the employee. Dividends or other rights whose deadline is before that date are not corrected. Employers like SARs because the accounting rules are more favorable to them than in the past. You get fixed rather than variable accounting, much like traditional stock option plans. However, SARs require the issuance of fewer shares and dilute the share price less than traditional stock plans. Like all other forms of stock compensation, SARs can be used to motivate and retain employees.

1. Communication on the granting of aid. Share exploitation rights (“SARs”) are granted in accordance with the huntsman Stock Action Plan (the “Plan”) with respect to the number of common shares of Huntsman Corporation (the “Company”) as set forth above, subject to the terms of the Plan and this Agreement. 5. Amendment. .